Update 10, polishing stuff

We just uploaded “Release 10” in our servers.

  • It includes many stability fixes for mobile emulation mode.
    A lot of sites that had issues with cross-domain CSS & Javascript now work like a charm.
  • Also we added many new devices including the much anticipated new iPhone 6 & the iPhone 6 plus.
  • The orientation and emulation buttons now look more like buttons making them easier to spot for new users.
  • As many sites took a long time to load we added a loader to let you know that emulation is working in the background while you wait.
  • We have upgraded the hardware of our servers to improve loading times and handle many concurrent users during peak times.

You can now use keyboard shortcuts.

  • Use right and left arrow keys to switch to next/previous device in group.
  • Use up/down arrows to switch between landscape & portrait orientation.
  • Use the ‘E’ key to switch emulation mode between mobile & responsive.


For the next release we are focused on further improving performance in mobile emulation. Our short term goal is to drop long loading times to 20% of current times.
We are also creating a showcase tool, which you will be able to use to show your customers how their website looks in many different devices at a glance.

Enjoy the new release everyone.
Happy testing